Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God's will be done

I think God made it to where we had to get Ginger put down for a reason. He opened up a whole new opportunity for us. We would have never rescued Remi if we never got Ginger put down. We may miss her but we have new dog to love, and I thought at first when we were thinking about getting Remi I could never accept another dog into my heart. Because she wouldn't be the same as Ginger, but God changed all of that. (for a better reason) Isn't it amazing how God can take a tragedy and turn it into something so much better!


  1. God is Amazing! Wonderful merciful Saviour, blessed Redeemer, and Friend!
    Ginger was a great dog and will always be with us. If not present then in our hearts!
    It is a blessing to have pets but quite a tragedy to loose them. They become so close to us!
    Maybe their is a dog heaven. Maybe it is just the memory of them in our minds that is their heaven.

  2. Hello! Been a while since you posted maybe you can do this!
    I’ve tagged you over at my blog. Feel free to do the tag if you want. They can be rather fun!
    I was thinking... you should post some of your drawings on here! They would be so much fun to see.