Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God's will be done

I think God made it to where we had to get Ginger put down for a reason. He opened up a whole new opportunity for us. We would have never rescued Remi if we never got Ginger put down. We may miss her but we have new dog to love, and I thought at first when we were thinking about getting Remi I could never accept another dog into my heart. Because she wouldn't be the same as Ginger, but God changed all of that. (for a better reason) Isn't it amazing how God can take a tragedy and turn it into something so much better!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apple Theif

Veronica Barger

We used to get big boxes of apples from our neighbor up the road. We would go up
to his field and pick apples from his apple trees. Well one time we had a couple boxes stacked up on each other, one was half open. We had gone to town one day and when we came back we saw the box was opened more. There were a couple of half eaten apples in the kitchen we walked out to the livingroom and there was Ginger our Rottweiler with about two apples in the livingroom, and one she was eating so I think we found out who had opened the box and took some apples!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My dog Ginger

Veronica Barger

We used to have a Rottweiler named Ginger. We bought her when she four

had her until she was eleven. She was tall with long legs and floppy


had a short snout and a stubby tail.

Ginger's chest, paws, eyes, and eyebrows were brown.

Her face was a mix of brown gray and black. The rest of heer body was

covered in black shiny fur.

She loved to play with other dogs, like my aunt's dog, Jake, and my pap's

dog, Vinnie. She also liked to play with my pap's cat, Sockey.

Ginger's favorite toy was her rope.

Ginger had many silly nicknames we liked to call her such as Ging, Geedle

Beedle, and Pinky Tink. At night she would sleep in my room but she most

often slept in my mom and dad's room. When she was asleep she looked

silly. She would wiggle her paws or do something silly like that.

Then after that
she would wake up.

The circle of life


I really miss my Rottweiler named Ginger.
Sadly, on the third of July 2008 we had
to have her euthanized. She had hip dysplasia and
we thought her right ear had a tumor. At first we
were going to take her to the veterinarian's but
when we got home from church that Wednesday
evening dad and mom decided to have her
euthanized the next day. My brothers and I knew
the day would come that she would have to be put
down. My family was heartbroken.
When Ginger was with us we would hear the click
of her claws on the floor or the jingling of her collar.
We kept listening but it wasn't there.
The next week we started looking online for a dog
at animal shelters. We finally found a dog we
really liked. So we drove 3 hours to an animal
rescue in Pottsville.
When we got there I was excited to see
Remy, the Pitbull Terrier we had picked out she had
tan fur with a white belly,and white socks and a little
white patch on her neck. I was very happy that we
were going to get a new dog. Remy was small
compared to Ginger. When we met her she was shy
and excited at the same time. We visited with her for
a while. Then we went upstairs to see how she was
with other dogs. Glen, the man that had been taking
care of Remy, took her outside and put her in a pen
with a whole bunch of other dogs and let her run
around with them. She got along very well and
played with them.
When it was time to go Glen said goodbye
he was very sad and happy that she was going to a
new home. When we got ginger she was shy. We
were nervous and so was Remy. But our love would
overcome that. In the van we offered her
a treat but she refused it.
After that we took her to my pap's house to see
how she was with his Pitbull Akita, Vinnie. We had
them together outside but they didn't seem to get
along very well. When we got home we let her sniff
around in the rooms. As the days passed she got
more and more used to us and we were very happy
and excited. Now she has a loving home and we
have Remy a loving dog.